Mason Story11

Mason: <pointed to my electric razor>

Mason: Daddy’s razor’s charging

Mommy: Yes it is

Mason: When it’s done charging, I use it to get rid of my scratchies <rubbing cheek>. Don’t put it in your eye, just your cheek to get rid of scratchies.

Mason had this conversation with Diane after I had gone to work. I shaved that morning and told him what the razor was for and not to put the razor in his eye when he attempted to mimic what I was doing :). So the moral of the story is that EVERY little thing you tell your kids does stick.

Mason story10

Mason and I were digging in the dirt around his playground area to level it out before I put mulch down. This was the conversation:

27-Feb-2013 12:43

Mason: Daddy, this is a lot of hard work!

Daddy: I know buddy, but it will be really cool when it’s all done.

Mason: Daddy, this is really messy…. who made this dirt Daddy?

Daddy: God made the dirt.

Mason: Oooh, well God made a really big mess Daddy!

Daddy: Hahaha, yes I suppose he did.


Reflective Moment: To us it may seem God made a really big mess sometimes, but when we work to glorify Him, we soon realize the mess is really His beautiful creation given to us as a gift to use in any way we wish.

Mason Says the Darnedest Things

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He really does crack us up.

22-Feb-2013 20:09

Over the phone on the way to daycare:
Mason: Hi Daddy! Where are you?
Daddy: I’m at work in Bellevue.
Mason: Ooh, ok! What do you do at work Daddy?
Daddy: I help build airplanes buddy.
Mason: Ooh, ok! Like my airplanes in my room?
Daddy: Well, actually Daddy helps build big airplanes that people ride in.
Mason: Please please Daddy, please daddy build me a big airplane I can ride in.. PLEEEASE!!!
Daddy: Ok buddy. When Daddy makes $300,000,000, I will build you an airplane.
Mason: YEAAAAY!!! Thank you thank you Daddy. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Mason story8

I am going back and documenting these funny stories here so that we can capture the silly and incredibly endearing things that Mason says.

23-Feb-2013 15:50

There was a monster trying to eat our car this morning, so Mason had to put him in time-out. After the monster’s time-out was over, this was what Mason told the monster, “Monster, you need to stop trying to eat our car. Be a good monster and be nice. Remember to listen and obey your mommy and daddy.” 🙂 I love his imagination (and the fact that he seems to remember some of the things he is told after his time-outs!)

Mason story6

While changing Mason’s diaper he told me, “Mommy, I’m little and you and Daddy change my diaper. When I am big and you and Daddy are little, I will change your diaper!” If he only knew how true that statement could be many years from now. 🙂

Mason story4

27-Feb-2013 12:21

Conversation with Mason this weekend: Mason-“Mommy, when I turn 5, I’m going to be a man.” Me-“Oh, ok. Did you know that men wear big boy underwear and not diapers?” Mason-“No, I’m going to be a man and wear diapers, just like daddy.”

Matt and I both cracked up at this one.