Mason’s No Training Wheels Adventure

It was a proud day for the Scott family. Mason, age 5, decided he had no fear in taking his training wheels off. He also had no fear in letting Daddy wear himself out while pretending to be the training wheels for part of it. The best part of all was that even though he hurt his leg, he got back on and tried even harder to get it. The next phase is turning :). Also, recently, Reid got the hang of riding his bike with training wheels. He lets you know that in the video as well.

In Daddy’s Footsteps

I totally blame my mom and cleaning a metal shop for 8 yrs for this DNA-infused habit. I suppose enough 409 and bleach in the blood stream causes mutations that carry down through the generations. The apprentice has become the master :).

The Jumping Kid

If you haven’t been keeping count of the weeks, it’s week 25 of Mason’s life already. He can’t contain himself. He just has to jump around to celebrate!

Solid Food Adventure

This is Mason’s first solid food feeding. You all may be thinking, “Man, are they going to capture everything?” My answer is “Yes!” These moments are so precious and I can’t wait for those who haven’t had babies yet …you know who you are… to experience the joy in watching your child develop one little step at a time. Enjoy the footage.

The Roll

To show Mason’s progress, we’ve captured the roll-over. Watch and enjoy!

5 Month Update

At Steakn'Shake

I call this shot Guido. We had just gotten out of Matt and Amanda Rogers’ wedding and were getting some shakes. Mason tends to drool A LOT and just soaked his shirt. So we were in the process of changing him when I couldn’t resist taking a shot of this very Italian look he had.

Our little boy is now 5 months old. Sorry about not updating very often. We’ve been incredibly busy visiting friends and family back in Indiana and moving in to our new house. But back to Mason :). He has been developing by leaps and bounds lately. Literally in the past 3 weeks has has learned how to grab for things, laugh, and roll over from his back to his stomach. He can’t roll back over, but that’s step 2. There will be a video of his acrobatic move a bit later.

The Baby’s Development – Week 37

  • Any day now! By the end of this week, he is “full-term” and can be born two weeks before or after the expected due date.
  • Meconium, a dark greenish substance, accumulates in his digestive tract and will be passed shortly after birth as his first bowel movement.
  • His skull is not solid and has a “soft spot” on the top of his head that allows his head to mold and fit through the mother’s pelvis at birth.
  • As a result, his head will be a pointed shape at birth, but will become more rounded a few days afterwards.

The Baby’s Development – Week 36

  • Approximate length 18 inches, weight 5 to 6 pounds.
  • The baby will be descending even lower into the pelvis; this is called “lightening” or “engagement.”
  • As the baby rests his head in the pelvic cavity, mother’s lungs and stomach are less pressured, possibly making breathing easier.
  • By this point in the pregnancy, his testes have usually completely descended.

Source: Valley Medical Center, Weekly Parenting Email