Sports, sports, and more sports!

It is a busy season in the Scott house, especially in the area of sports. Mason, Reid, and Matt all take karate lessons and recently earned their first degree green belt. Reid is playing soccer for the second year in a row and recently scored his first goal this season. Mason also decided to play baseball again and is hitting like a champ! AND Mason loved swimming so much during the summer, he has joined a year-round competitive team called the Marlins. He placed 1st in his first meet in backstroke. At his most recent meet in Myrtle Beach he placed 2nd in backstroke and 3rd in breaststroke. He loves it and is really improving!

Here are some videos showing the highlights of all our sports! Enjoy. 🙂

First up, Mason smacking the ball (10/4/2014)


Reid scores a goal in soccer by kicking it out of the fray (9/27/2014).


Next, Karate Graduation 3 (Green Belt). The boys perform their “Universal” forms 1 through 3 (9/26/2014)


Mason’s 1st place finish in backstroke (9/13/2014).

One thought on “Sports, sports, and more sports!

  • October 13, 2014 at 7:44 am

    You boys are really very sports minded! good for you. You are both getting so big. and very good at the sports you are participating in. keep up the good work! love you!!


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