5 Month Update

At Steakn'Shake

I call this shot Guido. We had just gotten out of Matt and Amanda Rogers’ wedding and were getting some shakes. Mason tends to drool A LOT and just soaked his shirt. So we were in the process of changing him when I couldn’t resist taking a shot of this very Italian look he had.

Our little boy is now 5 months old. Sorry about not updating very often. We’ve been incredibly busy visiting friends and family back in Indiana and moving in to our new house. But back to Mason :). He has been developing by leaps and bounds lately. Literally in the past 3 weeks has has learned how to grab for things, laugh, and roll over from his back to his stomach. He can’t roll back over, but that’s step 2. There will be a video of his acrobatic move a bit later.

One thought on “5 Month Update

  • July 23, 2007 at 8:53 pm

    Love the roll….he’s so adorable…hope all is well…love you guys!!!


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